3 Tips for Streamlining the Onboarding Process

When you hire a new employee infrequently, the onboarding process can be less stringent without too much pressure. When you hire several employees or are going through a hiring season, streamlining the onboarding process is to your company's benefit. If you need your new hires to hit the ground running, there are steps you can take to make them successful as soon as their first day begins. Here are three tips to consider. 

Have a Training Plan

If you can think back to any one of your first days of school or work, you might remember that at least on one of them, you had the case of the butterflies. As your company continues to go about its business, you have new members of your staff trying to figure out where to go, whom to see and what to do. When you have a training plan ready for them, all those questions are answered. It streamlines the onboarding process without interrupting current work and projects. A training plan should cover the basics of the position and expectations. Your goal is to achieve uniformity and eliminate confusion on key processes, so it streamlines the experience.   

Resource: https://blog.clearcompany.com/5-onboarding-tips-to-win-over-new-hires 

Data Integration

Data integration can minimize the time and effort needed from the HR department to provide development and training for other employees. Think of it as a jumpstart. You have the opportunity to personalize your new hire's first few days, have them fill out forms digitally and watch welcome videos detailing the company's handbook as well as other key points that reinforce why they took the job and why you hired them. 

Resource: https://docinfusion.com/solutions/integrations/netsuite/ 

Begin Before Day One

Your new hire knows you have a business to run. They also know that every current staff member has a job to do, too. They should not feel like they are in the way on that first day, though. So, set up their first day's materials in advance. While it is true that you cannot make that day run smoothly 100%, you can still make it as seamless as possible.

Resource: https://www.bamboohr.com/webinars/retention-from-day-one-onboarding-tips-to-engage-new-hires/

The onboarding process is a critical component of a new employee's first impression of their new place of work. Retention should be your goal since going through the recruiting, interview and hiring process requires resources. To streamline the experience, prepare the training plan beforehand, utilize data integration and begin planning before day one.

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