Step Up to Your Dream Job with these Successful Interview Tips by Corey Hubbard

by Corey Hubbard - DreamHighr - Man About Town

Dream jobs come around once in a blue moon. If you’re one of those job seekers who are hesitant to apply for a job that you think is out of your league, you are not alone. Many people are intimidated by applying for a position that they think is above their job description, even though they may have for most, the prospect of landing an interview creates a lot of anxiety.

A job interview — regardless of the position — is a learning opportunity for both parties. It’s a chance for a prospective employer to get to know you, and it’s your opening to advancement and new directions for your career.

Advancing your career is about taking calculated risks. A job interview for a position that might feel like a challenge is a manageable risk. It just takes a bit of extra preparation.

Maintain Your Talking Points

If the job description names specific skills that the company is looking for, keep those at the front of any discussion. Highlight your experience in the required area and wait to demonstrate your other skills after you get hired. If a company wants to know about A and B, then the interviewer may not be very concerned about C.

Even if the required skills are not your strongest points, find a way to draw the focus back to your experience in those areas. As long as you keep the interview focused, you can increase your odds of successfully competing with every other candidate.

Know the Field

If a job opportunity is truly one that you are passionate about pursuing, then it is worth a little pre-interview homework. Chances are you may know someone with similar experience in the field. Talk to them about the job, what it may entail, and other specifics. Be prepared to demonstrate your knowledge during the interview with competent answers and knowledge.

When you can’t talk to someone about the job, do your research. Take the time to explore online resources like career sites, department of labor job descriptions, and the company’s own website. Go into the interview as an expert on the company and you’re sure to impress everyone.

Keep the Right Attitude

No matter how must research and preparation you do, an interview for a position that’s a bit outside your comfort zone can still be worrying. The most important consideration is to strike the right balance between confidence and vulnerability. Put your knowledge on display, but be open and honest to the prospect of developing your skills, learning additional concepts, and advancing your career with a new opportunity. Keep these ideas at the forefront of your talking points along with job skills.

Not everyone is perfectly suited for every job position. The key during an interview that may be a reach is to show a prospective employer that you have been successful in prior learning situations. Be ready with an example of how you tackled a new skill or problem and how you managed it successfully.

Hiring managers have a nose for honesty, and the last candidate they are looking for is a know-it-all. If you’ve prepared for the interview, your abilities will show through and your new employer will appreciate your openness. Keep your eagerness in check, too, and save the exuberance for a private celebration with friends when you land the job.