Four Ways a Good HR Department Increases the Security of a Business - By Corey Hubbard

by Corey Hubbard - Founder About Town

Merriam Webster defines "resources" as things such as money, staff, materials or other assets from which a company pulls to accomplish effective functioning.

Once the adjective "Human" precedes "Resources," it is obviated that the Human Resources Department of any company, forthwith identified as "HR," is the core of a company's success or demise. You have probably heard the mantra that a company is only as good as its people. This could not be more accurate when it comes to your human resources department.

Source: Merriam Webster

Following are four ways that a well-staffed and organized HR department can increase the security and longevity of any business:

HR Good Cop/Bad Cop Mission Statement

An effective HR department will effectively reward and nurture effective employees. Leadership must also have the backbone, tenacity, and legal backing to appropriately penalize and ultimately terminate ineffective and dishonest employees because some people do not always have an inherent motivation to work without some level of supervision.

Employee Retention Builds a Stronger and More Secure Company

Companies spend thousands and even millions of dollars every year in training new employees. Too often, employees leave their jobs soon after they are trained and the process must start all over again. Add to this conundrum the fact that high employee turnover rate increases the risk of theft, and insult is added to injury. It is unfortunate but true that transient workers statistically have a higher rate of unscrupulous habits such as larceny and theft, which is often the reason they have moved so many times. Hence, an effective HR department will not only design and arrange an effective training system for the company, they must also form a workplace culture of content employees who want to stay with their job and perform their duties with integrity.

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Suggestions for Forming This Strong Culture

Forming such a strong community is easier said than done. Nevertheless, it is attainable. HR must start with scrutiny in hiring, then develop a culture much like that of a classroom teacher: a culture of family, honesty, and belonging that will form a bond of trust. Reasonable incentives and perks, rational promoting from within (and a great anti-nepotism policy) will help avoid a high employee turnover rate.

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Eyes All Around You

Finally, if employees trust their HR department and, in turn, trust HR to trust them, most employees will choose to give at least 100% to their work. They will also be ready and willing to report to HR those employees who are not. Therefore, an effective HR department will also provide a safe and anonymous method of reporting that is almost transparent.

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Possibly the best way a successful HR Department might design their entire system is to observe and witness the typical elementary classroom culture. A child’s integrity is formed by such a culture, and it can work for adults equally as well.

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