Security Engineering Summer Intern - San Francisco

During your 10-week internship, you are able to gain experience and make connections to strengthen your resume, and prepare for a career in Security.

The Credit Karma summer internship program allows us to engage you in exciting projects, introduce you to our culture, test-drive talent, increase productivity, and most importantly serve as a place for your professional development. Security is of paramount importance Credit Karma. We help millions of people better manage their credit, so safeguarding their sensitive information is critical to our continued success. From the CEO down, everyone at Credit Karma views security as a personal responsibility.

As a Security Intern, you will have a unique opportunity to join a customized rotation program contributing to several teams, all whom directly enable Credit Karma’s security mission.

What you'll do :

• Infrastructure Security Team Rotation • Create a secure lab environment for testing our existing security tools against a gauntlet of the latest malware threats. • Run tests and observe the outcomes - you get to be the hacker!Report your findings to the Infrastructure Security team and help drive our product selection. • Physical Security Team Rotation • Build on lessons learned from Infrastructure security, by testing existing physical access control and video surveillance systems. • Automate log forwarding within existing access control systems • Application Security Team Rotation • From the lessons learnt from Infra, you get to run application level pentests • Tweak and play around with static scan tools • Build upon static tools to explore dynamic scan tools • Report the success stories to all security teams What's great about it: • You get to learn about the latest attack patterns and how to defend against them • You get to play with cutting edge security tools • You will learn how enterprise environments protect against malware attacks and see how a Security Operations Center functions. • You get to make an impact on Credit Karma’s security posture. • You get to put your scripting skills to the test within a system built secure by design. • You will learn how physical access control systems are installed, managed, and protected • A unique opportunity to potentially identify and improve vulnerabilities in the security armor • An opportunity to delve into the core aspects of application, infrastructure and physical security of Credit Karma

What we expect : • You’re a Junior or Senior in a Computer Science undergraduate program or working towards your Masters in Computer Science program • Working knowledge of systems and networks • Basic experience with Linux & Windows OS • Basic knowledge of one programming language e.g. SQL, PHP, Python, R., Java, etc. • Strong interest in information security, cyber security, or technical risk management. • Going above and beyond towards breaking things in order to build them better • A highly motivated candidate that is organized, can communicate well and is receptive to feedback