UI Developer - San Jose, CA

Job Summary



  • Communicates effectively to ensure technical feasibility of designs
  • Develops and maintain product features
  • Produces clean, scalable, modular, well structured, testable code
  • Builds and helps maintain reusable components and libraries
  • Influences application architecture and development processes
  • Communicates bad news with the same urgency as good news


  • 3+ years of experience building and deploying web applications
  • Comfortable failing fast and working in a team
  • A clear understanding of Functional and Object-Oriented programming paradigms, as well as their advantages and disadvantages
  • In-depth knowledge of JavaScript and its idiosyncrasies
  • Strong understanding of web markup languages including HTML5 and CSS
  • An understanding of browser quirks and related skills needed to develop a robust and elegant front-end
  • Experience using modern frameworks, libraries, tools, and language features, along with understanding of their tradeoffs
  • Experience with frontend JavaScript testing (ideally via Jest)
  • Familiarity with the full software development lifecycle with Agile methodologies


  • React
  • Redux
  • Webpack
  • NPM
  • Jest
  • Electron
  • Angular
  • Gulp

Job Type: Full-time

Required experience:

  • HTML 5: 3 years
  • Javascript: 3 years
  • Agile Development: 1 year
  • Angular: 3 years