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DreamHighr combs the web to find you the right talent for your open positions – providing our clients with a quicker, easier way to post jobs and find qualified candidates.

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To be sure you hire the best-qualified IT professionals, you need to verify their application and software engineering expertise. The best way to do this is with our customizable knowledge and coding project exams which let you measure a wide range of technical abilities in a single efficient assessment.

End2End Recruiting

DreamHighr provides you with the ability to access top technology talent, We provide staffing solutions to address your evolving business needs. Whether it’s application development, data management, or cybersecurity, DreamHighr has the expertise to help your organization identify and hire top talent.


DreamHighr is the Amazon-like recommendation algorithm for jobs. We build a custom, cross-validated profiles for each role and company based on top performers. No two roles or companies have the same algorithm, meaning DreamHighr can match candidates who aren’t a good fit for one role to a different one where they are a fit. Algorithms are also dynamic and updated routinely as new performance data comes online.

Manage Hiring Risk

We will replace all substandard hires and refund your entire fee under our 100% Buyer Satisfaction Guarantee.